Landlord and Tenant – Landlord’s Responsibility

The old who are close to their retirement face financial decision about the real estate asset they own. That is as important as they facing investment decision. In order to be eligible for government benefit, the retiree can choose not to own real estate asset at all. Often the retiree weighs the benefit of not having asset. Of course, it all depend personal circumstance. Other can choose living off from the rental income they receive. We will briefly touch upon Landlord’s responsibility of having Tenant this time.

One of the most crucial terms in residential lease is who is responsible for heating and cooling in case of malfunctioning. Since heating and cooling system does not have serviceable part and are part of building system as we can see from central air system, usually the Landlord is responsible. The failure considered as natural wear. But changing filter for A/C system is on the Tenant.

Tenant pay for the cleaning out of any plumbing fixture that may need to be cleared of stoppage and for the expense or damage caused by stopping of waste pipes or overflow from bathtubs, wash basins, or sinks. The Tenant cannot seek compensation of damage caused during the period of time while fixing the equipment and machine. For example, food gone bad in the freeze while Landrold repairing was in progress; scheduling and ordering etc. Landlord is required to clean the space he is renting out. Often complaint and dispute arise how cleaning is done for new Tenant. If you are landlord, keep all receipt when you are hiring cleaning service.

For house rent, lawn mown and snow removal need to be specified in what extent each party are responsible. In many residential lease, Landlord, roughly 70-80%, Landlord provide landscaping service while watering on glass is for Tenant responsibility. If your lease calls for tenant lawn care, maintain the lawn as if you own the property. Your landlord will appreciate it and you are more likely to enjoy the property.

How would you respond if you are required by the landlord to maintain the yard of your rental property? Be sure to have your landlord specify your exact responsibilities. Are you required to mow and trim the lawn? How often does your landlord expect you to perform these tasks? Daily, Weekly? Question run endlessly if you are careful. In Northeastern state like New York and New Jersey, its usually the Tenant who are responsible for snow removal.

Well thought out contract spread of responsibility between Landload and Tenant and further preventing from having dispute beteween them.

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